Fashion & Style

Lena has always had her own personal style and has never seemed to conform to the standard look so many other stars in the mainstream movie business. She dresses in clothes which she really likes and what she finds comfortable with and that she often prefers wearing jeans. Describing her own style with the words 'chaotic and eclectic' and says that she absolutely doesn't have a stylist.

Her style fits very well with her many tattoos and she always seem to keep it somewhat personal, even if its a glamourous event or simply being casual on a free day. She once said this in an interview:

"An ex-boyfriend once said I looked like a bag lady. It was his of asking why I didn't wear clothes that matched."

Her favorite shops includes 'Hennes & Mauritz' (where she bought her favorite pair of jeans), 'Topshop' and and the designer shop 'Jeffrey' which is located in New York's Meat Packing district.

She says it takes her about a minute to get ready in the morning which sounds like a healthy way of looking at things, read 'The Sunday Express (UK) - June 11, 2006' interview for more on Lena and fashion.
Casual Clothing

Lena's style is very simple while she is out doing ordinary things, such as grocery shopping or taking her dogs out for a walk. She seems to like tights, jeans shorts, a pair of sneakers or a hoodie.

Dressed Up

Lena is most often seen dressed up while attending premieres and other Hollywood events. But she always manages to still show her own personal taste in whatever she wears and doesn't take the 'safe' choice. In any case she always looks amazing!