Hair Styles

Early in Lena's career she had her hair short in a page style which was very modern in the early 90's. It's an easy and nice hair cut which is simple to take care of and it gave her a young and fresh look back then. Here you see a time line of some of the hair styles- and colors that Mrs. Headey has tried out so far.

Perhaps you're looking for a new hairstyle idea but you're not sure what to try? Well, this page is a veritable treasure-trove of information, and we can't wait to see other sites on the web with photos of those who've decided to try a Headey do, especially if they were inspired by this gallery.

So take a look - even if you're just interested to see the progression in hairstyles over a period of time, then this will be a fascinating read, whether you're settling down for an afternoon of Vogue or you're just plain bored! Visit, go get your own hair cut - whatever you may enjoy doing afterwards, we hope you find something cool to share, here.

Some years later in Lena's career and life she let her hair grow out to a beautiful length and she also got bangs. She has tried out different shades of brown, with that being her natural hair color and sometimes she has had it almost black. She must feel comfortable with that color because she has only had other colors for her characters and probably used wigs in several films.

Nowadays Lena seem to like more wild and free hair cuts with different lenghts and with a bit tousled bang. She seems to be most comfortable with having bangs and she has tried many different lenghts and ways to have them. With all this said, Ms. Headey sure looks wonderful in whatever hair style she chooses to have.